Top strategies for a smooth return to the classroom

Students left their in-person classrooms in March of 2020 without realizing they’d soon be logging into virtual classrooms for the long haul. After what seemed like an eternity, with technology hiccups and myriad challenges faced by different student populations, classrooms across the nation reopened for full in-person learning this fall.

But it’s not entirely smooth sailing. Education leaders are worried about learning loss, equity, and helping students get back into a typical school routine–all while addressing increasing social-emotional needs.

This all begs the question: How has COVID permanently altered the future of learning?

In this eSchool News webinar hosted by Epson, Mark Hess, principal of Mary Helen Guest Elementary School in Walled Lake, Michigan, and Dan Warren, director of technology operations for Des Moines Public Schools in Des Moines, Iowa, reflect on the successes and lessons of last school year and discuss what they anticipate the future of learning to look like.

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