The unbeaten path to hybrid learning

Virtual learning, and the forms in which virtual and in-person education meet, have sparked controversy in the educational community. 

Often we debate what consequences this type of education has. We wonder whether traditional learning methodologies–with their big appetite for control and constant evaluation–are even achievable when classes are hybrid. But by focusing on impacts only, we overlook the essential issue: What’s the real purpose of education?

We should be primarily concerned with how education helps students achieve their personal and professional goals, whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid–a methodology targeting students’ development will help teachers capitalize on every lesson triumphantly.

Let’s unlock these learning methods and see what role technology plays in facilitating effective learning for everyone, including teachers themselves.

The real difficulties of the hybrid classroom 

Hybrid learning and mixing different types of connectivity is a challenge, but only because we haven’t had much experience with it until now. We have been relying on traditional forms of learning, and teaching innovations in the curriculum have been slow to seep in. Then, the pandemic hit us.

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