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This Month at DE: April

Show students that there’s no limit to what they can dream and accomplish with new April K-12 learning resources! Reach for the stars and go to the moon with NASA, dive into the ocean blue with deep sea content from Guy Harvey and Sea Studios Foundation, and help students responsibly fund their futures with Financial Literacy Month content. Plus, get a sneak peek of what’s in store for Earth Day on April 22!

Featured Partner


last off with a bevy of new resources from NASA! We worked with our featured partner this month to bring you and your students new content that will have them ready to celebrate this year’s Artemis I rocket launch. Give students a behind-the-scenes look at the powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and details of the Artemis mission with new videos that feature NASA astronauts, engineers, scientists, writers, and more! Get started with the following resources then find more in the Explore Space: NASA’s Missions of Exploration Channel.

From the first lunar landing to the latest Mars rover and the vast network of satellites measuring the health of our planet, NASA has paved the way for humankind to explore the wonders of the cosmos. We’re proud to partner with NASA to help students learn about the groundbreaking technologies, daunting missions, and extraordinary talents of astronauts both past and present.



Earth Day Events & Resources!

All Grade Levels

Celebrate Earth Day with a diverse collection of impactful student activities from DE! Show students how they can make a meaningful difference and invest in our planet with fun videos, exciting Virtual Field Trips, and time-saving, ready-to-use activities for all students.

Plus, find exclusive, on-demand events from our trusted partners. Learn the importance of the Artemis mission and studying the moon with NASA, hear about The Boy Who Grew a Forest with Vooks, and explore ways to protect and preserve our oceans with scientist and Shark Week host Luke Tipple. Explore our Earth Day page today for even more ways to #CelebrateWithDE on April 22!


Ask, Listen, Learn: Alcohol & the Developing Brain

Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8

Encourage students to make better decisions this Alcohol Awareness Month with Ask, Listen, Learn. Get started by watching five-time Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian discuss the critical ways kids can stand up to peer pressure and live a healthy lifestyle in “Informed Students Make Better, Healthy Decisions.” Then have students complete this virtual investigation to learn more.

In partnership with, the Ask, Listen, Learn collection of instructional activities, videos, and K-12 learning resources helps students uncover the science behind how alcohol affects developing brains, bodies, and behaviors. Give students essential resources and dig into the data and facts that are critical to understanding the effects of alcohol—leading kids to say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking.


Financial Literacy Month Resources

All Grade Levels

Promote Financial Literacy Month with a plethora of helpful resources available in the DE platform! Explore comprehensive curriculums with videos, self-paced modules, and cross-curricular activities for all grades. Use the channels below to equip students with the knowledge, tools, and practice they need to make informed decisions that help them reach their goals and dreams. 

Find more timely tools and resources with our
This Month at DE: April Studio Board!



Grades K-2

Join Fishtronaut, Marina, and Zeek on a mysterious new adventure in Fishtronaut: The Case of Pale Flowers. In this episode, the curious crew discover clues to find out why some lily flowers are missing. At the same time, Billy and Mac begin a mystery project after seeing meteorites in the night sky. Watch (in English or Spanish!) as the team finds out how Billy and Mac’s project is impacting the lilies.

Fishtronaut is an animated series that helps younger students understand life science and earth-related topics like biodiversity, environmental pollution, common characteristics of animals, and more. Students can join Fishtronaut, Marina, and Zeek as they solve various cases about STEM while demonstrating the importance of local advocacy to create change. Explore bite-sized episodes available in English and Spanish that build problem-solving skills in STEM.


Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

Grades 3-8

Dive into the fascinating world below the ocean’s surface with captivating learning resources from the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. Swim through Ancient Underwater Landscapes, learn about Microbial Mysteries in the Gulf of California, and see mesmerizing 4K Highlights from Ningaloo Canyons, an expedition where around 30 new species were discovered!

Head to the full Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Channel for more new content, 360 videos, and compelling resources on life in the ocean, ecosystems, and physical science. Students can join marine conservationist and artist Guy Harvey and his marine biologist daughter Jessica as they travel the globe to study the magnificent inhabitants of both land and sea. Check out Guy Harvey Expeditions like Stingray City and Aliens from the Deep, get up close and personal with our wild world through Jessica Harvey’s Expedition Notebook series, and study all things related to the ocean with Marine Science 101.


Sea Studios Foundation

Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Go even deeper into the ocean’s depths with Sea Studios Foundation! Learn more about captivating sea creatures with videos like Molluscs: Octopus Camouflage, which shows students how several species of octopus change their color and texture in an instant while explaining the science behind these magical abilities. You can also find interesting time-lapse videos to engage students, such as the Sea Star Time-Lapse, Eating Dead Fish!

Together with the Sea Studios Foundation, our goal is to enhance STEM culture in the classroom while equipping the next generation with resources for creating and protecting a healthy and stable future. With content like its award-winning Shape of Life series, Sea Studios Foundation can identify issues that need attention and create alluring visual narratives that educate, inspire, and lead viewers to action.


New Quiz Library!

For Educators

Pop quiz! Did you hear we recently launched a library of pre-made quizzes for you to use with students? Access the full Quiz Library through your Quiz tile then search, find, and utilize over 300+ pre-made quizzes spanning various subjects and grade levels. Explore subject-specific, assessment-style quizzes, as well as morning-meeting style activities and conversation starters to suit all classroom needs.

Save valuable planning time while finding new ways to engage students with these exciting resources and activities. Then join us here next month to grab the latest DE content around our May theme: Passports and Pride!

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Meet the DE Characters: The Littles

Did you hear the news? We recently celebrated 20 amazing years of supporting educators and students! But it was more than just an anniversary. This milestone marks a new chapter in our unwavering commitment to teachers and students while reigniting our passion for teaching and learning.

But this next chapter isn’t just about growing our resources, but growing our DE family to find even more ways to creatively engage all students. And part of that is the new community of characters in living in your DE platform!

This character crew loves to hang out in DE’s resources and activities, helping students and educators find and use their favorite content in impactful ways. Since you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them, we want you to know who they are and where you might find these lovable additions to the DE team.

Meet The Littles!



Keiki are joyful and lighthearted little friends that help you feel brave when venturing into new territory. They love learning together with you as well as learning from you and the amazing things you find in DE.

Where You’ll Find Them

Keiki are always awestruck at simple things that are still new to them—a loud truck, a babbling brook, or even a fuzzy caterpillar! Nobody knows how many there are, but you’ll often see them in a group of three to five. You may also find out where they’ve been since Keiki like to leave a mark, like stickers or a tie of yarn.

While they don’t communicate with words, Keiki use facial expressions, tummy screens, costumes, and neon glyphs to express themselves and let you know what they’re thinking.  Their ears twirl when they’re excited, and you’ll find that they’re not the most coordinated but they embrace this funny quality (sometimes they seem wobbly or do clumsy things, which usually ends in lots of giggles).


Favorite Functions:

  • Holding your hand when starting a new or complex topic.
  • Aging down content.
  • Adding playfulness to daily lessons.
  • Serving as an eager audience to hear you recap what you’ve learned.

Keiki’s DE Picks

Keiki love exploring Virtual Field Trips or anything that sparks curiosity like phenomenonnature, and just about everything in Science Techbook. Their favorite channels right now are the Insects Channel and The Five Senses.



Victor is our resident dreamer. He is deeply curious and spends lots of time wondering about different topics and subjects and thinking about the way the world works. He’s also a good friend and cares about the feelings of those around him.

Where You’ll Find Him

You’ll often find Victor completely engrossed in a new topic, considering all angles of whatever it is he’s learning about. Victor daydreams every single day, so he’s often quiet and sometimes struggles with completing tasks quickly or making sure he doesn’t get ahead of himself when he’s deep in thought. He loves learning different perspectives and investigating how things are connected. He’s also extremely fond of pizza, his friends, and butterflies!


Favorite Functions:

  • Considering different perspectives.
  • Showing you it’s okay to pause and think.
  • Inquiry and encouraging big questions.
  • Dreaming he is in space.

Victor’s DE Picks

With his obsession with space, it’s no surprise Victor’s favorite channels include Earth in the Universe and Explore Space: NASA’s Missions of Explorations. He also likes to fuel his curiosity with Mystery Science and virtual labs. While the Pizza Channel doesn’t exist yet, Victor hopes it’s coming soon!

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Meet the DE Characters: The Big Kids

In case you haven’t heard, we recently celebrated 20 amazing years of supporting educators and students! This milestone marks a new chapter in our unwavering commitment to teachers and students and our passion for teaching and learning.

But this next chapter isn’t just about growing our resources, but growing our DE family, too! We’re finding even more ways to creatively engage all students, and part of that is the new community of characters living in your DE platform!

This posse of pals love to hang out around DE resources while helping you and your students find and use your favorite content. Keep reading to meet The Big Kids—Zoe, Mei, and Eduardo—and where you might find these lovable additions to the DE team.

Meet The Big Kids!



Eduardo is a super cool teenager and all-around good guy who gets stoked about learning new things. He is a true adventurer who is completely unapologetic about his passions. His excitement is contagious as his courageous personality encourages you to chase your curiosity and dive headfirst into new topics.

Where You’ll Find Him

Eduardo believes anything is possible and loves bringing people together, which is why he’s always first in line to try a new thing and is quick to cheer on his friends in their own adventures. He’s a thrill-seeker, so it’s no surprise Eduardo is an avid skiier and has also dabbled in paragliding. You may see him shredding on his sit ski, popping a wheelie, going off a jump, or even spinning on his head!

He loves learning about the latest technology and building his brain, and is often tinkering with his puzzle cube.. Smart and cool go hand-in-hand, so of course he shows off his rockstar shades from time to time, too. Eduardo also loves cracking jokes with Abuelo. You’re always in for a good time when you find this grandson-grandpa duo together.


Favorite Functions:

  • Fist bumping you for showing up to learn new things.
  • Digging deeper as he “can’t stop nerding out on stuff!”
  • Asking the next question.
  • Modeling confidence and independence.
  • Adding healthy skepticism to daily learning.

Eduardo’s DE Picks

Eduardo loves going through Math Techbook and exploring the Math in Context Channel. Watching videos about the latest gadget or technology is one of his favorite hobbies, and he knows he wants to be in charge of something BIG when he grows up. So, the Discovering Data – Problem Solving for the Future Channel and the Viruses and Outbreaks Channel are two of his go-to places to learn the latest news and find ways to build a brighter future.

Meet Mei!


Mei yearns to understand how things work and loves to help you in your own quest to understand the world around you. Quite the introvert, she takes her time and has a rich internal life. But that doesn’t stop her from popping up to see you—she can’t hide that curious side!

Where You’ll Find Her

Ever the little engineer, you’ll find Mei quietly exploring and examining things around her, often with a microscope and notebook in hand. She’s always investigating, whether that’s taking apart the vacuum cleaner to see how it works, teaching herself how to code, or even analyzing the contents of bear scat! Yes, you read that correctly. However, she struggles with big groups and overstimulation, so you might catch her peeping out of the lab supply closet, too.

She’s really into birds, and is somtimes surrounded by her feathered friends. But Mei does have a mischievous side. She’s stealthy and likes to play tricks, so watch out!


Favorite Functions:

  • Being your buddy when you need quiet time to think or refuel.
  • Helping you persevere in your passions.
  • Anything STEM; she loves coding and experimenting.
  • Going on Virtual Field Trips with you!

Mei’s DE Picks

It’s no surprise Mei is a big fan of virtual labsMystery Science, and DE Coding. She finds new inspiration in the Simple Machines Channel and feeds her curiosity with Seeker. And she loves to spend bird-watching breaks browsing the exciting content in the Owls Channel.

Meet Zoe!


Zoe likes to be front and center, ready to roll! She is a born leader and plays “big sister” to the rest of her friends. Challenges are her favorite and she can hardly contain her enthusiasm when it comes to learning new things. She is super social, full of ideas, and is always dancing and moving with excitement.

Where You’ll Find Her

Zoe likes jumping into action and encouraging you to jump right in with her! She’s not afraid to fail and wants to spread that confidence to those around her. She has a knack for turning learning into a game and proposing big ideas, so you’ll often see her with a highlighter, homemade map, or craft supplies. Sometimes you can even see Zoe wielding a walkie talkie and clipboard as she leads her friends in a new activity.

When she’s not dancing, Zoe can be found deep in her own good idea or drawing up big plans. But her fun personality is always shining through, and you’re bound to see her playing dress-up to liven up learning. She sometimes even gets overcome with the giggles—it’s infectious!


Favorite Functions:

  • Making you feel like anything is possible.
  • Giving helpful instructions or helping you remember the rules.
  • Suggesting new projects.
  • Helping her friends and engaging with social issues.
  • Making learning fun!

Zoe’s DE Picks

When she’s not watching Shake It Out dance videos, Zoe’s getting hands-on with Sandbox AR or building projects with Studio. She also loves to explore interesting topics in the News and Current Events Channel and Social Studies Channel, and she’s always finding resources to amp up her confidence and empower her friends with the Women in History Channel.

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5 Things DE Loves About Teachers

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and we couldn’t be more excited!

Here at DE, every week is Teacher Appreciation Week. We are so grateful and so proud to be part of your daily lessons. And to commemorate this annual May celebration, we want to show you five things we absolutely love about our educators.

Teachers are always looking for new and creative ways to engage students.

Looking for a new strategy to engage students in digital resources? Explore our SOS Instructional Strategies.

Teachers always discover the best in every situation.

Explore best practices in teaching through our eLearning modules.

Teachers are life-long learners.

Continue learning about DE and other trending topics in education in the Educator Supports Channel.

Teachers love to collaborate.

See how other teachers are using DE in their classroom with our Community Favorites collection.

Teachers support teachers.

Interested in joining a community of like-minded educators? Join our DEN STAR program!

Sign in today to explore more ways to save time and find support every day with DE!

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This Month at DE: May

As this school year comes to a close, we’ve added brand-new May learning resources to help you wrap up the month and engage students in exciting adventures over the summer and beyond. Explore faraway worlds with Minecraft, get gaming with Arcademics, and dive into interactive science and math simulations with PhET!
Plus, find May Virtual Field Trips and an exciting partnership announcement we’ve been bursting to tell you.

Featured Partner

Minecraft: Education Edition

We’re beyond excited to share a new phase in our partnership with Microsoft. If you or your students love Minecraft, you’ll be happy to know we just launched a new Minecraft: Education Edition Channel! Use this new set of learning resources to purposefully integrate Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) into your math, SEL, and science lessons for grades 3-8.

Now you and your students can explore five M:EE worlds, each featuring:

  • A direct link into the Minecraft: Education Edition world.
  • A comprehensive lesson plan to support teachers getting into the Minecraft world.
  • Engaging, ready-to-use activities.
  • An editable Studio Board to showcase student creativity and evidence of learning.

Minecraft: Education Edition uses game-based learning to prepare students for the future by building future-ready skills like creativity, problem solving, and systems thinking while nurturing a passion for play. Students can explore real-world issues in immersive, imaginative worlds, practice computation thinking with in-game coding and curriculum, nurture SEL skills by building empathy and learning digital citizenship.

© 2021 Mojang AB. All Rights Reserved. Minecraft, the Minecraft logo and the Mojang Studios logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.


Grades K-2, 3-6

Another new partner we’re proud to introduce this month is Arcademics! We’ve added dozens of their interactive, game-based learning activities to help students apply and absorb important math, ELA, and geography concepts. Have them race around planets using addition to boost their speed in Orbit Integers, or practice fractions to feed their hungry panda the most pizza before time runs out in Pizza Panda.

Arcademics combines the excitement of video games with educational content to increase the rate of learning and fluency through thrilling, focused repetition. Take advantage of these learning resources today and find fun ways to keep students engaged before the break and extend learning throughout the summer months!

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

All Grade Levels

Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and commemorate their rich culture, historical roots, and achievements with our dedicated AAPI Heritage Channel!

In 1978, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter signed a resolution that designated a week in May as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week. Congress passed a law in 1990 that expanded the commemoration to the entire month. In this collection of May learning resources, explore the various cultures and countries that make up the continent of Asia. Find articles, activities, images, and videos that reveal how Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders celebrate their heritage and continue to shape the United States as activists, authors, and changemakers.

Find more timely tools and resources with our
This Month at DE Studio Board!


Be Vape Free Heroes Virtual Field Trip

Grades 9-12

Join us at 1 PM ET on May 3, for this empowering Be Vape Free Virtual Field Trip that teaches students about the dangers of vaping with the help of experts and teen advocates. Students will go inside the world of social media to see how their decision-making can be influenced by others and discover practical strategies to overcome peer pressure. Inspire a new generation of health heroes by equipping them with the knowledge and tools to make better decisions and help those who are addicted find the courage and support to quit.

In partnership with CVS and CATCH My Breath, the Be Vape Free initiative tackles the use of e-cigarettes among our nation’s youth through the creation and distribution of engaging content on risks and how to confront them. By leveraging partner resources and working together, we hope to keep students informed on the long-term health risks of vaping while providing evidence-based programs that lead them to make smart, healthy decisions for life.

PhET Interactive Simulations

Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Jump into new, intriguing interactives from PhET Interactive Simulations! Let students experiment with electronics, check out complex collisions, or play with planet positions and gravitational forces. Get started with May additions like Build an Atom or Energy Skate Park, then browse the full channel for more.

Founded in 2002 by Nobel laureate Care Wieman, the PhET project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates engaging interactive math and science simulations. PhET sims are based on extensive education research and spark curiosity through intuitive, game-like environments where students learn through exploration and discovery.

Summer Learning Activities

All Grade Levels

Whether you’re looking for curriculum support, at-home activities for students, or professional learning resources, we’ll help you make this summer one to remember! 

Start with the Summer Learning Activities Channel, which is full of ready-to-use activities that cover a wide range of topics, subjects, and grades.

In addition, we have tons of subject-specific content resources perfect for summer learning, as well as engaging at-home resources that get the whole family involved. If you need to focus on professional learning, we have a variety of on-demand eLearning opportunities—so you can complete them by the pool! 

All these resources and more can be found in the Summer of Learning Channel. Sign in today to check them out!

Operation SkillQuest Virtual Field Trip

Grades 6-12

Give students the tools to embrace DIY projects and start making things happen in their everyday lives with the Operations SkillQuest Virtual Field Trip, May 17 at 1 PM ET. Students will be joined by super-skilled DIYers as they learn how to set up a workshop anywhere and tackle real challenges that they’re passionate about. Perfect for summer hobbies!

Made possible through our partnership with The Home Depot, this is the latest in our collaborative collection of resources that help STEAM-powered classrooms and homes across the country as they prepare students for the careers of tomorrow.

Sustainable Futures Virtual Field Trip

Grades 5-10

Don’t miss the Sustainable Futures Virtual Field Trip on May 24 at 1 PM ET! This Trane Technologies event will prompt students to explore the possibilities of a sustainable future and inspire them to think big about how companies and individuals can challenge what’s possible. Students will be transported onto Trane Technologies’ campuses, meeting diverse and dynamic professionals who will fuel their creativity with examples of out-of-the-box thinking, as well as actions that are creating a lasting, positive impact.

New Partnership with Sesame!

Grades PK-2

And if you haven’t heard, we’ve recently partnered with the nonprofit media and educational organization, Sesame Workshop. If you love Sesame Street and have younger students, you can expect amazing things from this new partnership starting this fall. More details to come—get ready!

Save valuable planning time while finding fun ways to engage students with these exciting May learning resources.


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Meet the DE Characters: Abuelo

We recently celebrated 20 amazing years of supporting educators and students, but it was more than just an anniversary. It marked a new chapter in our unwavering commitment to teachers and student engagement, while reigniting our passion for teaching and learning.

Part of this next chapter is growing our DE family to find even more ways to creatively engage students—which includes a new community of characters living in your DE platform!

Keep reading to get to know Abuelo, and be sure to come back and meet the whole gang—Disco (link to Disco article), The Littles (link to The Littles article), and The Big Kids (link to The Big Kids article)—and find them in DE!

Meet Abuelo!


Abuelo is Eduardo’s friendly grandpa who’s up for anything if it means spending quality time with the kids. He’s an exceptional listener who loves telling jokes and laughing at them—even if they’re his own. A former chef, Abuelo is still very much interested in health and food, and deeply appreciates different cultures. You may also catch him tearing up when looking at art or hearing a really good story.

Where You’ll Find Him

Sometimes you’ll see Abuelo falling asleep at inopportune times or adjusting his antennae to hear you better. He may even wave his cane at you—but in a nice way! Yet, with age comes wisdom, and Abuelo often avoids giving a straight answer and instead asks the right questions so you think of a solution yourself.



Favorite Functions:

  • Asking “how does that work again?”
  • Helping reiterate instructions or recapping a lesson.
  • Asking the “dumb” question to encourage deeper thinking.
  • Telling jokes and making light of every situation.
  • Being delightfully lost.

Abuelo’s DE Picks

Abuelo loves being anywhere the kids take him, but especially enjoys worldly performances of music and theater. The Culture Channel is a favorite of his, and he also likes perusing the Health Channel for tips on mindfulness and vitality.

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Does Summer Break Have to End?

While social-emotional learning (SEL) has always been a critical part of an effective and caring education, it is more critical than ever to acknowledge and address the social and emotional needs of children. Unfortunately, all students are coming to the 2021-2022 school year having experienced significant changes from their pre-pandemic lives. Some students have lost loved ones, housing, or a sense of safety and stability. While others may have struggled to understand the nature of a pandemic and its effects.

Hopefully, students have loved ones who helped them handle pandemic-related experiences over the summer. But educators can also support the social-emotional needs of students right now. While all students need individual attention at some point, whole-class activities can benefit everyone. Even spending a few minutes each day on breathing exercises or reflection journals can help students feel more centered and ready to learn.

The SEL Center in DE has tools for mindfulness at all grade levels, along with resources for stress management, Virtual Field Trips for self-discovery, and special series from the Child Mind Institute and other partners.

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#CelebrateWithDE: Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

Commemorate this annual May celebration that recognizes the rich heritages, cultures, histories, and present-day accomplishments of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in the United States. This includes people from the Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, as well as those who have origins in the Pacific Islands of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Learn more about Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and familiarize yourself with these diverse cultures through the following DE resources.

Celebrating Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Channel

All Grade Levels

Learn more about the various cultures and countries that make up the continent of Asia. Explore articles, activities, audiobooks, podcasts, and more that reveal how Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders celebrate their heritage and continue to shape the United States as activists, authors, and changemakers.

Celebrating Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Student Choice Board

Grades 3-8

Use this Student Choice Board that invites students to learn about and celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage. Students can investigate topics that interest them and then demonstrate their understanding by completing one of the recommended activities.

Find more timely tools and resources with our
May This Month at DE Studio Board!

FIVE: India

Grades K-5

Share this video to show younger students five interesting facts about the country of India, including one about a festival where you paint an elephant from trunk to toe!

Japanese Fairy Tales

Grades 3-8

Listen to a selection of classic fairy tales from Japan, featuring the son of a peach, a cruel stepmother and an enchanted mirror, and a warrior with a mission from the Dragon King! These tales were first translated in 1908 by Yei Theodora Ozaki, based on the Japanese version by Sadanami Sanjin.

Lost World

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Watch this video that illuminates the impacts of sand dredging on Cambodia’s identity, values, and survival, and hear from a Native Cambodian woman who shows how the manufactured removal of land from Cambodia’s coastline threatens to overpower their culture.

The Pacific Islanders Discover Hawaii

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Over 1,400 years ago, the South Pacific Islanders observed the migration of the pacific golden plover. See how the Polynesians followed the flock for over 400 years, and how it eventually led them to the Hawaiian Islands.

Why You Should Be Proud of Your Name

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Share this video that reveals the meaning behind Land of Big Numbers author Te-Ping Chen’s name. In this video, she tells students how she learned to embrace her heritage and how it’s shaped her identity.

Women Like Mulan Didn’t Need to Go to War in Disguise

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Check out this Science News for Students passage that reveals how women in ancient China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Korea fought in wars. Discover how female skeletons show battle scars consistent with fighting injuries, revealing that women likely fought alongside men in ancient times.

Find more May content and holiday resources through our
This Month at DE Studio Board!

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