6 pillars of strong online PD

A 2021 study by the Council of the Great City Schools emphasizes the need for teachers to have ongoing access to high-quality professional development (PD). The study maintains that high-quality PD “must be actionable and contextualized within the framework of daily classroom life – whether those classrooms are physical, virtual, or hybrid.”

This study, along with recent events, demonstrates that, as with most other forms of education, professional development needs to be flexible and convenient yet still robust.

Face-to-face PD is still the optimal experience, of course, but sometimes that’s just not an option. And, while webinars offer a decent alternative, I would like to posit that online PD is an even better option for these times.

Online PD puts the power of learning in teachers’ hands, much the way we empower children to own their learning through student-centered education. Online opportunities that employ platforms such as Teachable offer learners the convenience of choosing when to complete the course, freeing them from the physical constraints they might have with traditional PD. Moreover, online learning can be engaging, even interactive, a noticeable difference from the static nature of webinars.

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