5 tools that support project-based learning

Each year, we share our 10 most-read stories. Not surprisingly, many of this year’s Top 10 focused on student engagement and online or hybrid learning strategies related to pandemic teaching. This year’s 3rd most-read story focuses on fun tools for project-based learning.

But it’s often a great undertaking to locate and vet resources and tools for project-based learning, and educators don’t have an abundance of time.

Below, we’ve gathered a handful of “add-on” tools for project-based learning. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope these resources help as you search for PBL examples and strategies.

1. Dreamdo Schools encourages school classes around the world to engage in project-based learning and do great projects of their choice. Any teacher and their students, anywhere in the world, can use Dreamdo Schools and become a part of a global network of teachers and students who dream and do.

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