3 approaches to help students become responsible cyber citizens

Children are getting more screen time than ever—a side effect of the pandemic’s impact on our usual routines.

It’s not just the pandemic, however. Kids’ media preferences are changing as new apps and sleeker technology make it easier to stay connected (and be entertained) wherever they go. Just in the past four years, we’ve seen dramatic shifts in online video viewing, smartphone ownership, and more.

Technology and the internet are omnipresent—and today’s youth must be equipped with skills to safely consume, evaluate, and share information online—including how they interact with their peers.

Here are three considerations for nurturing students into responsible cyber citizens.

Address cyberbullying and internet trolls

59 percent of U.S. teens have been bullied or harassed online, according to a study from Pew Research. The prominence of cyberbullying has made it imperative for schools to implement new policies—and teach students how to use technology safely.

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