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Great learning environments ensure that kids are able to succeed.  We provide the tools so that underprivileged schools can flourish.


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Who We Are

Student Builders is the award-winning program designed to help eliminate inequities in the local systems and catalyze transformation across all areas of education. We are a growing community of innovative labs that are designed to pull kids, and their teachers, out of their comfort zones and give them the opportunity to engage, create and learn using STEAM-driven curriculum and real tools and technologies.

“It is time to begin re-evaluating not only how we are teaching our students, but the materials we are using to teach them. Research into the expectations of 21st century learners reveals that we want learners to be able to do much more than read, write, and do math; we expect learners to also think critically and creatively, solve real life problems, use foreign languages, work in teams, collaborate and embrace diversity.”


The Challenge

The research is clear. Access to hands-on building, tinkering, and experiential learning-based curriculum can increase access to STEAM careers and build the skills critical for long-term success. However, many of the tools, expertise, and time needed to utilize these types of strategies are usually unavailable in public schools, and especially so in public schools serving low-income communities.


Our Approach

Student Builders provides an innovative approach to learning by providing students with access to STEAM-based experiences in communities where they don’t currently exist. Whether it be through one of our STE(A)M engagement programs, legacy lab services or one of our new initiatives, we provide students and teachers with access to STEAM education however it works best for them.

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